Is Avocado Good For Your Hair?

Those following the No Poo movement use many natural ingredients to keep their hair clean.

If you are wondering is avocado good for your hair then read on to discover its many benefits.

Avocado has long been used by No-Poo followers to improve the condition of their hair. Amongst its other benefits avocado is well known for its moisturizing properties. It may well improve the hair’s texture, leaving it well conditioned and with more shine. Using avocado can be exactly what your coarse and dry hair needs.

Avocados can be used in many different recipes.

Combined with other natural ingredients there is nothing that avocado cannot achieve for your hair.

Read on to discover the best way to use avocado for you.

Is Avocado Good For Your Hair?

Avocado is the fruit of a tree that is commonly grown and originates in the areas of central Mexico to Guatemala.

Its flesh has a smooth consistency and contains fats and oils that are beneficial to your skin and hair.

Avocado should be used fresh and does not keep well as the flesh spoils quickly when exposed to the air.

Lemon juice can extend its life and has benefits for your hair too.

The potassium and amino acid levels in avocados are high. This makes them a wonderful natural ingredient for your hair, especially for those whose hair is coarse, dry, and/or damaged (sources 1,2,3).

Take a look below to find out the main benefits of avocado for hair loss and growth:

Hair Growth

A healthy scalp means optimum hair growth.

Avocado is a great scalp soother and nourisher.

With avocados containing potassium, B vitamins, and iron, the hair that grows is strong and healthy.

Depending upon what your hair needs, mix egg yolk with avocado and use this mixture as a hair mask.

Is eating avocado good for your hair you may wonder. In short, the nutrients that are so beneficial for your hair are also beneficial for your wider health.

A healthy body means that your hair can grow as well as it possibly can from within.

Hair Loss

Avocados are known to unclog the hair follicles and allow hair to grow to its full potential, as it can then allow the natural oils and nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft.

So if you are wondering is avocado good for hair loss, then the evidence points strongly to its benefits.

As it also strengthens each hair, you are less likely to lose hair through breakage or through hair being damaged whilst in its growing phase

Is Old Avocado Good For Your Hair?

If fresh avocado has beneficial properties, is old avocado good for your hair, too? And, is rotten avocado good for your hair, as well?

The answer to this is simple, rotten avocados are probably not beneficial for your hair.

Old avocado that has been left to brown in the air will have had chemical changes occur that will not allow the nutrients and oils to penetrate the hair effectively. 

The rule of thumb with avocado therefore is that if you would not eat it, do not use it in your hair.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is taken from the flesh of the fruit and is used for cooking.

Avocado hair oil is also taken from the pulp of the fruit.

Is avocado oil good for your hair, you may ask. Well, with its ability to penetrate the hair shaft effectively, and take with it the many beneficial nutrients it contains, avocado oil is one of the best oils for your hair.

As a boost to your hair care regime, you could try smoothing avocado oil into your hair overnight. This is a great pre-poo method and is often used by those who have damaged hair ,as a protective measure.

If you are thinking is avocado oil good for your hair growth, then all the evidence, both scientific and anecdotal suggests that it is definitely worth a try (source 1).

Best Avocado Oil For Hair

The following products are the best avocado oils for hair, and are well worth a try:

1. Handcraft Avocado Oil

This is brilliant as a carrier oil, a hair oil, a massage oil, in fact almost any use you choose.

Adding in a few drops of essential oil can increase the benefits to your hair.

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2. Maple Holistics

Another versatile avocado oil for almost all uses.

Avocado hair oil is great for dry scalp and hair, especially for high porosity curly hair that needs a light oil to treat and moisturise curls without dragging them down.

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Avocado Shampoo

Avocado shampoo is readily available commercially but is also quite simple to make at home.

You can harness the benefits of avocado simply by using shampoo.

The best things about using avocado shampoo are:

  • Nutrients: Potassium and iron are only two of the beneficial properties of avocados, these promote hair growth.
  • Oils: Avocado oils carry the nutrients into the hair shaft and are light enough to penetrate even the lowest porosity hair type.
  • Curls: Avocado shampoo can nourish dry curls but not weigh them down.
  • Versatile: If you make your avocado shampoo you can add other natural ingredients to boost the health of your hair.

Avocado Hair Masks

So, if avocado shampoo and avocado oil are great for your hair, then is avocado seed good for your hair too?

Crushed avocado seed, mixed with water can make a wonderfully beneficial paste to apply as a hair mask.

All the benefits of the flesh and contained within, and using the seed can help with the hair cleaning process too.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of blitzing the seed, use the flesh instead. It is the flesh that is used in most recipes as it contains all the nutrients and oils that your hair needs to grow healthy and shiny.

Avocado hair masks can be mixed with almost any other ingredient to ensure that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs.

Read on to discover the best of the avocado hair masks you can make at home:

1. Avocado And Egg Hair Mask Benefits

The oils and nutrients in avocado are complemented by the proteins in the egg.

This makes the avocado and egg mask one of the best all round masks for your scalp and hair.

The Avocado and egg hair mask will add strength, add nutrients, to your hair. In turn, adding health and shine to your locks.

Avocado and egg hair mask reviews all agree on the improvement of their scalp and hair.

How To Make Avocado Hair Mask

Below are the instructions on how to make an avocado and egg hair mask.

This mask details how to use avocado and egg for hair growth.

Before you begin, don’t forget to take a few photos of your hair beforehand so that you can see the avocado hair mask before and after results.


  • ½ Ripe avocado
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


  1. Scoop out the flesh from the avocado.
  2. Mash, or blitz the avocado flesh.
  3. Add in the egg and blend until the ingredients are combined.
  4. Add the oil slowly to get the desired consistency to smooth through your hair.
  5. Apply to wet, clean hair, from the ends upwards.
  6. Massage into the scalp.
  7. Cover with a shower cap and leave for at least 15 minutes.
  8. Rinse out with cool water until all of the mixture is removed from your hair.

This mask will leave your hair shiny and strengthened.

With potassium and iron, your hair loss should be reduced, and hair growth may be improved (source 1).

What Can You Mix With Avocado?

Avocado can be mixed with any natural ingredient of your choosing.

This can be beneficial to your hair as you can include the exact nutrients, moisture, and protein that your hair needs.

Is Avocado And Mayonnaise Good For Your Hair?:

If used weekly then you should find out if mayo and avocado are good for your hair.

Generally, the reviews are positive.

Mayonnaise can help reduce frizz and add shine.

The moisturizing and growth aiding properties of both the mayo and avocado are well recorded.

Is Avocado And Honey Good For Your Hair?

Honey is a humectant that promotes moisture retention in your hair.

Honey is also used to clarify your hair, and also reduces dandruff and other scalp problems.

These benefits, in addition to avocado, mean that your hair has the very best start and continuing promise of future health.

Is Aloe Vera And Avocado Good For Your Hair?

Avocados can be mixed with many other ingredients, aloe vera being one of them.

Aloe vera is both stimulating and soothing to your scalp.

The combination of these two products will add moisture, promote growth, and be cleansing to allow your hair to look at its best.

Is Almond And Avocado Good For Your Hair?

Almond oil can smooth your frizz, improve scalp health, and if added to avocado, can mean that your hair feels fuller and more moisturized, and healthy (source 1).

Is Banana And Avocado Good For Your Hair?

With its Vitamin A, banana helps those with dry hair to produce sebum to moisturize the dry hair naturally.

Mixed with avocado, which adds its own nutrients and oils, the banana oils protect your hair from outside damage.


Avocado is good for your hair in so many ways.

It improves scalp health, moisturizes, and nourishes all in one go.

It can be added to any other ingredient of your choice and is easy to make at home.

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