Is No Poo Bad For Your Hair?

With the many criticisms people have about the No Poo Method, it’s often easy to wonder, is No Poo bad for your hair?

Our hair is among the things we love the most, and no one wants to do anything to damage his/her hair, whether it’s long or short. So, is this method best for your hair?

No-Poo is a natural and effective haircare remedy if done correctly. It helps cut on costs while maintaining an oily scalp, healthy and voluminous hair in a more friendly environment free of shampoo chemicals and plastics.

About nine out of ten of everyone who has tried this method have googled or asked someone this question. And often expect a positive answer, but honestly, it always depends on how you use it and the type of No Poo method you employ.

While you may instantly think that not using shampoo is quite inappropriate, you should remember shampoo was first developed in 1927, and the people before then looked just fine without using it.

Personally, I’ve tried it, and the results were fantastic. This is why I’ve decided to share and walk you through this hair journey to help achieve your goals too. This article provides complete detail about this routine, including its benefits, drawbacks, and examples of the No Poo Method.

What is No Poo?

No-Poo simply means No shamPoo. It’s an idea and hair cleaning technique that doesn’t involve the use of conventional shampoos. Many people have varying reasons for using this method. It can be hair health-oriented or driven by the need to care for the environment.

You might be avoiding stripping your hair its good natural oils the scalp produces or reduce the number of unnatural chemicals in your daily hair routine. Or you’re an environmentalist who hates the way shampoo chemicals and plastics are affecting our planet. Or all of the above reasons.

No Poo Method isn’t typically adopting the utilization of water only to clean hair. There’re many other No-Poo approaches that can prevent your hair from stripping all its oils and drying.

Most of these methods use readily available and cheap ingredients, so you won’t encounter any difficulties getting them.

From various proven studies, No-Poo is a feasible technique, and its merits can outweigh the benefits of using shampoo by far, but only if used correctly. Let’s look at some of the most effective examples of No-Poo Methods you can consider on your hair.

Examples of No Poo Methods

No-Poo techniques are so many today, and some can work best for you than others. In most cases, you’ll have to try several methods before settling for the best one for you.

Sometimes, it’s easier to attentively watch your scalp’s and hair’s health to know your hair type and the correct method to use.

In case of any concerns or advice, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist or healthcare provider to guide you on the best No-Poo techniques to use, depending on your hair type. All in all, it’s important to note that it’s a new routine you’re starting.

Therefore, your hair will need some time to adjust. This phase is normally called the adjustment period. During this period, your hair will become very oily before adjusting to the new No-Poo washing method.

To some people, this period can even last for 4-6 months. Therefore, patience is key for this method to be effective. Don’t expect results after two days or a week. It’s a process that needs consistency and effort, which is usually worthwhile in the long run.

Some of the common No Poo Methods include:

1. Baking Soda And Acidic Rinse

In this method, you first wash your hair with liquefied baking soda, then rinse with acidic rinse like apple cider vinegar. All these ingredients are readily available and offer different purposes too.

The baking soda offers the best scrubbing paste, while vinegar makes your hair look shiny. The main disadvantage of this method is irritation or disruption of the correct head’s pH.

Overusing baking soda can damage your hair. It’s best if you use it after every four days, and this is the absolute most. It’s best you even limit the frequency to 1-3 times monthly and utilize other washing methods in between the baking soda washing routines.

This method isn’t excellent for curly hair, chlorine ( if you love swimming), dyed hair, and hard water.

2. Water Only

With this method, you only utilize water to wash your hair and rely on the natural oils your head produces to condition hair. First, you scratch then preen your hair before washing it with warm water.

It’s totally chemical-free and the cheapest No Poo Method. You can use this technique as many times as you like or less, depending on your routine.

Hard water can make hair look dryer and flat. Applying apple cider vinegar can help condition it. 

3. Conditioner Only

Conditioners are great remedies if you decide not to use shampoo. However, you should pick the best shampoo for the best results. A good conditioner should be rich in proteins, emollients, and humectants.

Emollients soften and make the hair shine, proteins repair and protect hair, and the humectants absorb and hold moisture. Since they don’t disrupt the scalp’s pH, they can be a great choice over the baking soda method.

However, this method can weigh your hair down if not rinsed well. It also doesn’t reduce the cost and plastics you use.

4. Sebum Only

The sebum-only method means you don’t use anything to clean your hair, even water. You just let it be and rely on only sebum to keep your hair healthy.

Sebum refers to the waxy and oily substance our bodies produce through the sebaceous glands.

Your scalp produces sebum too, and it usually protects every hair strand in your head and keeps it healthy, strong, and naturally conditioned. This process requires that you brush and preen your hair frequently.

After some time, your hair will absorb all more sebum and become nourished, shiny, and soft.

5. Herbal Only

Herbal rinses can be an excellent No-Poo remedy too.

These are gentle hair cleansers made from primarily natural products with various benefits to the growth and health of your health. Today, there are many herbal/natural cleansers for different hair types that you can try.

These products are free of the harsh chemical components found in most conventional shampoos. It’s best you check the purpose of the cleanser before purchasing to see if it suits your needs. Some are great for curls, stranded hair, and more.

What’s Wrong With Shampoo?

Conventional shampoos have surfactants and sulfates that usually deprive your hair of its moisture and oils. Yes, commercial shampoo is an excellent hair dirt remover, but do you know what else it’s gear for? It dries and removes all the natural oil in your hair and scalp.

The sulfates found in traditional shampoos also remove the essential nutrients found in the natural hair oil, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and weak, hence promoting thinning and breakage.

Benefits Of No-Poo Methods

Are you still wondering if is No-Poo bad for you?

Is No-Poo worth it?

What are some of the benefits of the No Poo Method?

Well, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy for using the No Poo Method;

1. Makes hair more voluminous hair.

2. Your hair will be more healthy and longer

3. Your hair will get a better texture, hence reducing the cost of styling products.

4. A minimal plastic wastage

5. Your exposure to irritating shampoo chemicals will be minimal

6. It’s affordable and convenient

7. It reduces dandruff

Downsides Of No Poo Hair Care

Almost everything, no matter how good they have their downsides too. The cons of this method include;

1. Not very efficient on straight hair like it does curly hair. It doesn’t hide the oily scalp in straight-haired individuals.

2. Not suitable for all scalp and hair types. It’s not suitable for highly dandruff scalp.

3. It’s controversial. Not everyone agrees that the No Poo Method is efficient; some support it, some don’t. Hence it’s a controversial practice.

Does No-Poo Cause Hair Loss?

Losing hair is a common thing to everyone and happens for various reasons. Shampoos tend to dry our hair and scalp, making your hair more susceptible to breaking.

Well, the No Poo Method aims to reduce this effect. With less frequent washing and the use of natural washing solutions, you can significantly reduce this effect.

If not done correctly, No Poo hair loss can occur too. For example, if you use more baking soda can lead to excessive breakage and hair loss. Mostly, you’ll hear or read online someone saying No-Poo destroyed my hair. But if you follow up closely, they didn’t use the best No-Poo Method.

This method normally demands that you wash your hair less frequently. Since hair usually sheds every day, you’re more likely to get more loose hair in your brush during the comb day. But this doesn’t imply your hair is breaking due to No Poo; it’s just usual shedding. In case you become too concerned about your hair loss, kindly visit your dermatologist for further advice.

What Is The Difference Between No-Poo And Low Poo?

Using hair cleansers that are gentler to the hair without hazardous chemical components is what the No Poo and Low poo methods stand for. While No poo refers to the no use of hair shampoo, low poo describes those hair shampoos without or with less aggressive chemical compounds.

Low poo products don’t have sulfates, petrolatum derivatives, and insoluble silicone. Substances like petrolatum can be fatal to any hair type over time, one reason why anyone should avoid shampoos.

No poo aims at removing all the chemical elements in your hair care routine, while the low poo only removes the aggressive elements; sulfates and petrolatum.

Today there are very many low poo and No Poo products in the market. Getting one of these can ease your No Poo journey, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Is No Poo Bad For Your Hair?

No, it’s not. No Poo Method has diverse benefits to the hair if used correctly. Luckily, there are many No-Poo techniques to try. You just need to find the No-Poo Method that works for you.

Remember, this method can work better for you than others, depending on your hair type and method used. Relying on people’s negative opinions will only deny you the chance of improving your hair’s wellbeing with this fantastic and practical idea.

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