How To Use Gelatin For Hair Growth

If you are curious about how to use gelatin for hair growth after hearing rumors of its seemingly miraculous hair-growth benefits, this article is for you.

Gelatin is an animal protein from collagen that supports healthy hair growth by providing supplemental amino acids to the hair follicles, which leads to thicker, more hydrated, stronger hair. You can take gelatin daily in capsule form or use weekly topical gelatin-rich hair treatments to receive its benefits.

What exactly is gelatin, how does it work to help hair so much, and how can you use it to grow healthier hair?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about gelatin’s role in hair growth!

How To Use Gelatin For Hair Growth

Finding natural ways to achieve a stunning, healthy head of hair may be difficult when faced with a wall of commercial hair products that are full of harmful chemicals, but it is possible.

That is where gelatin comes in!

Gelatin is a substance that comes from parts of animals, like their bones or skin.

It is a type of protein that helps bodily tissues stick together and creates a jelly-like substance when extracted (source 1).

Multiple components of gelatin make it beneficial for hair, from the fiber to the high amounts of protein it offers.

There are plenty of ways to successfully incorporate gelatin into your hair care routine to gain its benefits for hair growth, which are listed below:

1. Gelatin Hair Leave-In Treatment

Gelatin hair treatments are a great way to give your hair the benefits of gelatin at home.

A variety of gelatin hair masks are out there, but as a base, you will need plain powdered gelatin.


  1. Create a gelatin hair mask by mixing the gelatin with water and another substance, like a hair conditioner or olive oil.
  2. Add about two tablespoons of gelatin to the same amount of water.
  3. Mix the gelatin, water, and hair conditioner together until it forms a paste.
  4. Starting at the scalp, apply the mask to your whole head of hair.
  5. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it down to the ends of your hair.
  6. Leave it on for about half an hour.
  7. Rinse it out thoroughly under clean, warm water.
  8. Repeat weekly.

2. Add Gelatin To Hair Products

Using powdered gelatin, you can enhance a variety of hair products that are already in your bathroom cabinets.

Before adding powdered gelatin to the whole product bottle, sprinkle some on the typical amount of product you use to test how the gelatin changes the consistency.


  1. Choose your hair product (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, etc.)
  2. Mix a small amount of the gelatin into a small amount of the hair product.
  3. Use the hair product as you normally would.
  4. Rinse the hair thoroughly.
  5. If you enjoy the results, mix a proportionate amount of the gelatin straight into the product bottle.

3. Take Gelatin Pills

Pure gelatin has abundant sulfur-rich amino acids that strengthen hair follicles and support hair growth.

An easy way to ingest this substance is by taking capsules of gelatin.

The digestive system breaks down the ingested gelatin including its fibrous, protein-rich compounds.

Please take note of the following hair care tips before consuming gelatin pills:

  • Discuss adding gelatin to your diet with your healthcare provider, particularly if you have a liver or kidney condition.
  • Select a gelatin capsule brand based on your requirements (read more about how to select gelatin products below).
  • Follow the recommended dosage on the bottle, which may require you to take one capsule three times daily. Follow your healthcare provider’s guidance on dosage.

4. Gelatin Hair Rinse

Another effective way to treat hair with gelatin is to rinse it with a gelatin mixture. This can easily be done during your normal shower routine.

Rinsing hair with gelatin coats the hair shafts with this healthy protein. It also helps protect the hair from damage and promotes hair growth (source 1).


  1. Mix a packet or two tablespoons of plain, powdered gelatin into a cup of water.
  2. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which helps clean the scalp and hair.
  3. If you have an applicator bottle, add the mixture to the bottle.
  4. Over a tub, rinse your scalp and hair with the gelatin mixture.
  5. Rinse it out thoroughly with warm water.
  6. Repeat weekly.

Is Gelatin Good For Your Hair?

Gelatin provides numerous benefits to your hair, making it a good supplement to your hair care routine.

Below are the main benefits of applying gelatin to your hair:

Helps With Hair Growth

What does gelatin do to your hair in terms of hair growth?

The amino acids in gelatin, like glycine, proline, and lysine, all help support healthy hair growth.

Hair is mostly comprised of protein, and gelatin (whether eaten or applied directly to the scalp) delivers more valuable protein to the hair to support hair growth.

Thickens Hair

All the protein that gelatin gives the hair helps hair follicles and hair shafts become stronger and more resistant to damage or breakage.

As gelatin helps the hair get stronger, hair will appear thicker and fuller because there is less breakage and more growth.

Improves Hair Health

Your hair’s overall health benefits from the protein and amino acids in gelatin.

The glycine and proline in gelatin help the hair become stronger and more resilient.

The lysine will help your body absorb calcium, an essential nutrient for hair growth.

Prevents Hair Loss

Gelatin decreases hair loss by providing a healthy protein supply to the body, strengthening hair follicles, and indirectly supporting hormonal balance, which sometimes affects hair loss.

Boosts Scalp Health

Gelatin helps nourish the scalp by supporting sebum production, which is your hair’s natural oil that keeps the scalp healthy.

Thanks to the protein and nutrients in gelatin, the scalp may receive more blood circulation, which means a greater amount of nutrients is deposited at the scalp.

How Does Gelatin Increase Hair Growth?

Gelatin’s properties contribute to hair growth in many ways, and studies even show specific outcomes that are beneficial to hair health.

According to one study, taking gelatin capsules stimulates hair growth and slows rates of hair loss (source 1).

Over the course of fifty weeks, participants who took gelatin-cystine capsules and applied a topical gelatin lotion had up to a 30% increase in the number of hairs per square centimeter.

Another study published by Nutrition Reports International showed that when participants took a daily dose of gelatin, hairs grew measurably thicker.

The hair diameters, on average, grew by 9.3% (source 1).

What is more, the majority (70%) of people in the study had some level of growth in hair diameter, pointing toward gelatin’s efficiency at thickening hair.

Gelatin stimulates hair growth because the amino acids in it, specifically glycine and proline, assist your hair in keratin production.

Keratin is a protein required for hair to be built. So, gelatin leads to more hair that is stronger.

Does Gelatin Make Hair Grow Faster?

Gelatin supports the growth of healthy, strong hair and stimulates more hair to grow, which suggests generally fast hair growth.

More research is necessary to demonstrate exact measurement changes in hair length before and after gelatin use.

Gelatin’s effects of improving hair mass, strengthening hair to prevent breakage, and slowing hair loss may give it the appearance of making hair grow more quickly.

With all of the benefits from gelatin, overall hair length is supported in the long term.

Where To Buy Gelatin For Hair

It can be daunting to know where to start when looking for the right gelatin product.

However, there are a few key factors to check for as you begin your search to ensure you are buying a quality product.

This includes:

Ingredient Quality

Check the source of the gelatin, and all of the ingredients in the product, and ensure that the brand is reputable.

Type Of Gelatin

If you have any dietary restrictions in terms of what animal it comes from, it is a good idea to check the type of gelatin.

Some gelatin comes from pigs, some from cows, and so on.

Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Look for ingestible products with hydrolyzed gelatin.

This term means that the gelatin is in smaller particles than normal, which helps your body break it down.


To find the best gelatin for hair growth, avoid products that have additives like:

  • Food Colorings
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Preservatives


A few certifications to look for are non-GMO project verified or certified organic products.

These certifications mean that the product has been tested to a certain standard.

Reviews And Ratings

In consumer reviews and ratings, you may find valuable information about the product’s taste or smell, effectiveness, flaws, or value.

Note that customer reviews are purely anecdotal, so you should take them with a grain of salt.


Prices vary among brands and the type of gelatin product you are looking for.

So check the unit price and calculate how long each product will last if you want to pick up the most cost-effective product.

Best Gelatin Products

We recommended the following gelatin products for hair use:

1. Unflavored Gelatin

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Knox is one of the most popular gelatin powders on Amazon. It is versatile, pure, and odorless.

This Knox unflavored gelatin powder has an average rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, and over 10,000 reviews in July 2023.

2. Solgar Gelatin

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These gelatin capsules contain 100% gelatin and make it easy to consume a daily dose of this hair-growth supplement.

How To Apply Gelatin On Hair

It is easiest to apply gelatin to the scalp and hair by mixing the unflavored, plain powdered form of gelatin with a liquid and a natural, creamy substance for texture.

For those wondering how long to leave gelatin on hair, plain gelatin can stay on the hair for as little as five minutes or as long as overnight.

Here are a few methods of applying gelatin to your hair:

1. Gelatin Hair Mask

Create a gelatin hair mask by mixing plain gelatin powder with water and another non-chemical substance, like olive oil or egg yolks.

These hair masks can be safely applied for hours or even overnight.

2. Gelatin Shampoo Or Conditioner

Mix gelatin in the powdered form with your own shampoo or conditioner. Note that it will change the texture of the hair product slightly.

It is an easy and effective way to add gelatin to your hair care routine.

3. Gelatin Hair Gel

Make natural hair gel by mixing gelatin powder in water.

Let the mixture sit in the fridge for a couple of hours so it thickens, then apply it to the hair.

4. Gelatin Rinse

Mix gelatin in lukewarm water, then add it to an applicator bottle if you have one.

Gently rinse your hair with the gelatin mixture, massaging it into the scalp.

Follow the gelatin rinse with a clean, cold-water rinse.

Gelatin Hair Mask Recipe

There is a wide range of gelatin hair mask benefits, and fortunately, gelatin masks are simple to do yourself at home.

The following benefits come with regular gelatin mask applications.

  • Stronger Hair: Your hair will grow stronger, and you will notice less breakage and fewer split ends.
  • Shinier Hair: Hair shafts will become smoother, adding more shine to the hair.
  • Improved Hair Elasticity: The protein content in gelatin may improve your hair’s elasticity, further reducing breakage.
  • Increased Hair Volume: Your hair will grow in volume and mass over time. The body and bounce that comes from stronger hair will contribute to its volume.
  • Hair Loss May Slow: If you are experiencing hair loss, the rate of hair loss may slow down.
  • Nourished Scalp: Your scalp will be more nourished and moisturized, leading to overall healthier hair.
  • Moisturized Hair And Scalp: Gelatin hair masks that include hydrating ingredients like oils or honey moisturize the hair and scalp.
  • Smoother Hair: Smoother hair cuticles will lead to less frizz and flyaways.

Best Gelatin Hair Mask

This gelatin hair mask protein treatment provides your hair with the most benefit due to the combination of ingredients that all provide hair growth support (source 1).

If you are wondering how to make gelatin for hair in an effective mask, use the recipe below and apply it to your hair while in the shower for about 15 minutes:

  • 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of mashed avocado
  • 1/3 cup of water

How To Consume Gelatin For Hair Growth

Ingesting gelatin provides your hair with extra nutrients and minerals that boost its health and growth.

Eating gelatin for hair growth is relatively easy, too!

Add gelatin to your diet by taking gelatin supplements, adding gelatin powder to the drink of your choice, or consuming foods like bone broth or jelly desserts.

Some people prefer to take gelatin capsules to receive the benefits of this substance.

As you notice different serving sizes of gelatin in capsules, you may wonder how much gelatin a day for hair growth is actually necessary.

There is no exact answer as to what amount provides the maximum benefit, although the previously mentioned study referenced 14 grams of gelatin per day.

Many gelatin capsules contain 1 to 2 grams, so several capsules would be necessary to reach this dose.

Gelatin powder is easy to mix with tea, juice, milk, or even a smoothie or protein shake.

If these drinks are already part of your daily routine, it will be convenient to simply add a spoonful to your drink.

Foods that have gelatin include bone broth, jelly desserts, marshmallows, and gummies. Other foods include some frosted cereals, yogurts, and sour creams.

Use bone broth as a delicious soup base.

When learning how to eat gelatin, it is best to start with the basic, healthy form of bone broth.

Be mindful of the sugar content in dessert-type foods that have gelatin, as they can be quite high.

Side Effects Of Gelatin

Gelatin occurs naturally in animals, and it is generally safe to consume and use.

There are a few potential side effects to keep in mind before trying it to ensure your safety.

Possible gelatin side effects include:

Allergic Reactions

Some people are allergic to gelatin, so do a small patch test on your skin before applying large amounts of gelatin to the scalp (or eating any).

If you have an allergic reaction, you may have symptoms like:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness

Digestive Problems

Eating huge quantities of gelatin may wreak havoc on the digestive system, so stay within the recommended dosage guidelines.

Too much gelatin may cause:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Stomach Pain


Although there are odorless, tasteless forms of gelatin, some products may have a flavor that you dislike.

Nutrient Imbalance

Do not use gelatin to replace your daily protein intake, and ensure that it is part of a well-rounded diet plan.

Gelatin does not have the whole range of amino acids that your body needs from protein.

Interactions With Medical Conditions

If you have a liver or kidney condition, talk to your healthcare provider before adding gelatin to your diet.

Supplemental gelatin could strain these organs.


Gelatin is impressively effective at keeping hair healthy and strong while supporting hair growth.

As you use these tips on how to use gelatin for hair growth, keep track of your hair’s progress.

You should also consult your trusted healthcare professional with specific questions about adding this product to your diet or hair routine.

Overall, it is a safe way to help your hair grow healthier and longer.

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Gelatin for Hair Growth Interesting Document

In a fascinating report, a nurse practitioner states a patient with hair loss due to chemotherapy was able to regrow her hair after 14 days of ingesting powdered gelatin once per week (source 1).

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