Can You Wash Your Hair With Aspirin?

There is a long list of alternative shampoo products out there, but can you wash your hair with aspirin? Get ready to explore the intriguing uses of aspirin for hair!

It is possible to wash your hair using aspirin, and there are a few possible benefits to it. Potential benefits include making hair shinier, keeping the scalp healthy, and reducing dandruff. While it’s possible to use aspirin on hair, more research is needed to effectively prove the usefulness of this practice.

Read on to find out for yourself whether using aspirin in your hair routine is worth a try.

Get ready to uncover the possible benefits, side effects, and must-know issues about washing hair with aspirin.

Can You Wash Your Hair With Aspirin?

Alternative, natural hair cleansing routines are increasingly becoming a more popular option to replace chemical-filled commercial hair products.

It is part of an ear-perking trend named The No-Poo Hair Movement, which advocates against shampoo use.

But what do you replace shampoo with, exactly? This is where aspirin comes in!

Aspirin is one hair-washing method that comes out of your medicine cabinet, not out of the shampoo aisle.

The real name for aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, and it is normally used for pain or fever relief.

It is an over-the-counter medication first created in 1897, so this drug has stood the test of time.

Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties and is sometimes used as a blood thinner to protect people from strokes or heart attacks.

Its medicinal profile may lead you to wonder, can I use aspirin on my hair? And the answer is, in short, yes.

Aspirin can be applied to the hair and scalp as a way to wash or treat hair.

If you are interested in washing your hair with aspirin, simply crush down some tablets and mix them into your shampoo wash.

Wash your hair as normal, and then thoroughly rinse your hair with water.

Benefits of Washing Hair With Aspirin

Washing hair with aspirin comes with a few benefits that make it a noteworthy topic and something to add to your haircare routine.

Here are the key benefits of washing your hair with aspirin:

1. Adds Shine

Aspirin has a compound in it called acetylsalicylic acid, its primary compound.

It is very closely related to salicylic acid, which is common in haircare products.

These compounds help cleanse the hair of dirt or product residue.

As a result, the hair is left with a naturally shiny appearance. It will also feel silkier and less prone to tangles and friction, leaving it looking smoother than ever.

2. Boosts Scalp Health

The acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin digs into scalp pores, giving them a deep cleanse. This action may result in overall scalp health and, ultimately, more vibrant hair.

A clean scalp is necessary for healthy hair follicles and prevents adverse hair conditions.

3. Reduces Dandruff

Aspirin makes hair shinier and improves scalp health, but does aspirin help with dandruff?

Salicylic acid is a key ingredient in dandruff shampoos, and it is not a coincidence that aspirin contains the same acid.

The salicylic acid content in aspirin adds moisture to the scalp while it removes dead skin and excess oil.

Anyone using aspirin for hair dandruff should notice reductions in hair flakes and scalp itchiness.

4. Lowers Scalp Inflammation

Aspirin’s active ingredient (salicylic acid) is naturally anti-inflammatory. So, when it is applied to the scalp, those properties go to work.

Aspirin relieves inflamed scalp cells, which may feel soothing and comforting.

5. Scalp Exfoliation

Gently exfoliating the scalp is another advantage of washing your hair using aspirin.

The salicylic acid content helps clear away dead skin cells that may clog hair pores.

Exfoliation is necessary to maintain normal hair growth, scalp oil production, and overall scalp health.

6. Neutralizes pH Levels

Not every hair product is beneficial to your scalp’s pH levels, but aspirin is.

The acidic nature of aspirin helps balance the scalp’s alkalinity levels.

Healthy pH levels prevent unwanted hair conditions like closed hair cuticles, brittle hair, or frizziness.

7. Fights the Effects of Hard Water

Have you noticed that your hair reacts differently after taking a shower in a different region?

The difference is likely due to the hardness or softness of the water.

Hard water leaves minerals on your hair, causing dryness.

Aspirin’s salicylic acid content neutralizes hard water’s effects on the hair, making it less prone to dryness or tangling.

Can Aspirin Be Used for Hair Growth?

According to some, aspirin may be beneficial to hair growth because the active compounds in aspirin effectively clean and exfoliate the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

The exfoliation capabilities are thanks to aspirin’s salicylic acid content, which is present in many popular dandruff shampoos.

Aspirin clears dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the scalp, ensuring that no build-ups occur.

Baking soda is another exfoliating substance used to remove grime and oil from the scalp.

More research and documentation are necessary to determine the extent of the benefits of aspirin and baking soda for hair growth.

Improved blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles from washing hair with aspirin may contribute to hair growth.

More blood circulation to the scalp means that more essential proteins and nutrients are being delivered to the hair follicles.

When the hair follicles are more nourished, they may be able to grow at faster rates.

Certain benefits of aspirin, like scalp exfoliation, increased blood flow, and lower inflammation, may ultimately lead to hair growth.

Most of the theories revolving around aspirin and hair growth are, however, anecdotal.

If you struggle with excessive hair loss, it is not advisable to rely solely on aspirin use to stimulate hair growth or prevent hair loss.

How To Use Aspirin for Hair

Adding aspirin to your haircare routine is a simple process that is relatively inexpensive and accessible, as detailed in the steps below:

  1. Acquire aspirin from the drug store. (No prescription is necessary.)
  2. Pull out two or three aspirin pills from the bottle and crush them into a fine powder.
  3. Sprinkle the powdered aspirin into a single wash’s worth of shampoo.
  4. Lather the shampoo and aspirin mixture, then apply it to your scalp.
  5. Wash your hair with the mixture as you normally would. Ensure the mixture completely covers the length of your hair.
  6. Let the mixture sit in your hair for three to five minutes.
  7. Rinse the shampoo-aspirin mixture thoroughly so none remains in your hair. Follow this process with conditioner.

Side Effects of Aspirin on Hair

Before adding aspirin to your hair care routine, there are a few possible side effects to think about.

These are the possible side effects to keep in mind before putting aspirin in your hair:

  • Hair darkening: With regular use over time, aspirin may cause hair that is naturally light to become darker or discolored.
  • Irritation: One of the intended uses of aspirin is to prevent dandruff, but can aspirin cause itchy scalp effects instead? Yes, it may cause scalp irritation if you have sensitive skin, leading to itchiness or flakiness.
  • Hair breakage: Aspirin cleans the scalp and hair thoroughly, which is one benefit of it, but the same cleansing properties can lead to dried-out, breakage-prone hair. Note that this should only occur if the aspirin is being used excessively to wash hair.
  • Allergic reaction: Some people are allergic to ingesting aspirin, and applying aspirin topically may cause allergic reactions, as well. Symptoms of an allergic reaction would include redness, swelling, or itching.

Does Aspirin Cause Hair Loss?

Applying aspirin topically does not have any known connection to hair loss.

There are some suggested reports that taking aspirin orally may, however, counteract the positive effects of hair-growth treatments like Minoxidil.

These reports are not conclusively backed by evidence, so aspirin’s internal effects on hair growth remain to be determined.

Anyone in doubt about the effects of using aspirin should consult with a healthcare professional or a trichologist.

If you experience adverse side effects like hair loss after starting to use aspirin, stop using it.


Considering all the variables, can you wash your hair with aspirin?

The answer is yes, and if you wash hair with aspirin, there may even be certain benefits to your hair, like relieving dandruff and keeping it squeaky clean.

If you decide to add aspirin to your hair routine, keep its potential side effects in mind and track your hair health carefully to use this unique hair-washing method responsibly (source 1,2,3).

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