How To Make Your Hair Smell Good Naturally

Everyone wants their hair to smell fresh and clean, and not be offended by their own hair!

For those of you wanting to know how to make your hair smell good naturally, make sure you keep reading as we have got some great tips for you!

If you reject commercially available shampoos in favor of more natural and traditional cleansing methods, then you may worry about how your hair smells. Vinegar rinses and washes containing natural ingredients do not contain artificial fragrances. Household items like lemon juice, and baking soda can be used to make your hair smell good naturally.

Synthetic, chemical fragrances are often used in commercial shampoos.

This article looks at how to harness naturally occurring ingredients to make your hair smell amazing.

How To Make Your Hair Smell Good Naturally

There are several reasons why your hair may start to smell unpleasant.

Firstly, hair takes up any and all fragrances from your local environment, not just from the products that you use in it when washing.

Secondly, an excess of natural sebum (oil) from your scalp can often smell unpleasant when it reaches high levels in your hair.

A bacterial or fungal imbalance can also make your hair smell differently from what you would like or expect.

Many people worry about how their hair smells when they stop washing it on a daily basis.

Hair can also have a slight odor if you have allowed it to dry naturally rather than using heated styling tools.

If you are wondering how to make your hair smell good all day when you are using DIY washes then keep reading.

Below are just a few ways that let you know how to make your hair smell good all the time.

Some of them will not appeal to you!

However, other hair tips may mean you can stop worrying about how your hair smells as you will be confident that your hair always smells good naturally (sources 1,2,3,4,5).

If you want to keep your hair smelling good naturally, you can try these methods:


This is the very basis of keeping your hair smelling good naturally.

If you allow your hair to become dirty and full of debris from the environment, then it is never going to smell clean.

Regular washing, even once a week/10 days, will remove dirt and excess oils.

Daily brushing with a boar bristle brush will help to remove any debris which will not only keep your hair and scalp healthy but will help it stay smelling good.

These are my favorite boar bristle brushes.


Your scalp sheds skin just like any other part of your body.

If you leave these dead cells on your scalp they will eventually make your hair smell and promote infections.

Scalp infections will make your hair smell even worse, so exfoliating to remove dead cells is very important.


Cigarette smoke, or smoke from any source will sink into your hair and clothes.

It is simple to just change clothes, but more difficult to get your hair smelling good afterward without washing it.

If you can do so, try to keep away from smoke-filled areas, whether that be cigarette or vape smoke, or BBQs and bonfires.

You could also try covering your head at these events to lessen the amount of smoke that comes into contact with your hair.

Rose Water

Rose water is very versatile and can give your hair a scent that will make you the envy of your friends!

Using rose water as a rinse after washing will leave your hair smelling fabulous.

You can also use it in a spray bottle for an instant scent, or dabbed directly onto your scalp if you do not want water on your hair.

Not only will your hair smell wonderful, but rose water has many benefits for the health of your scalp.

DIY Dry Shampoo

If you are looking into how to keep your hair smelling good without washing it using water, then a DIY dry shampoo could be the answer.

Using rye flour will remove oil from your hair and neutralize any bad odors that may exist.

Remember that very often it is the excess oil in your hair that leaves the unpleasant scent and makes your hair greasy and lank.

Using a DIY dry shampoo will help with both of these issues without you having to wash your hair with water.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a hair brightener and lightener, so bear this in mind if you decide to use it. It is especially effective on blonde hair.

You can use lemon juice as a hair spritz, just squeeze the juice from a couple of lemons (more if you have very long hair) and use it as a rinse after shampooing.

Lemon removes oils and can reduce dandruff, and smells great.

Whilst it is up to you, rinsing with water afterward is recommended as lemon juice is particularly acidic.

Baking Soda

This is a great neutralizer, and scalp and hair cleanser.

It is a mainstay of many No Poo regimes and is great at removing dirt and oil that can leave your hair smelling unpleasant.

If you’ve heard of the No Poo Movement, but are not certain if No Poo is good for your hair then read this article.

Green Tea

Containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea makes sure that your scalp is healthy and able to function as it ought.

Using a green tea rinse will not only be beneficial to your hair and scalp but will also help to keep your hair smelling fresh.

To make your rinse just take a couple of green tea teabags and pour on boiling water. Leave to steep for a few minutes and strain into a jug or spray bottle.

Remember to leave the mixture to cool for a while; as you do not want to scald your scalp.

Pour over your hair after washing it as a rinse, or simply use it on its own to remove dirt, oil, and unwanted bacteria that may be making your hair smell bad.

To do this, pour over your hair until wet through, and leave for a few minutes before rinsing through with fresh water.

Essential Oils

If you like the scent of a particular essential oil then there is nothing stopping you from adding a drop or two to your normal wash.

If you want to use essential oils separately then remember that they all need to be diluted in a carrier oil and should never be used neat.

To use on its own (in a carrier) you can add a drop to your carrier oil such as jojoba and dab it with restraint onto your hair.

Hibiscus Oil

This is a particular essential oil that is well known for its beautiful scent and ability to make unpleasantly smelling hair smell good again naturally.

As with any essential oil, carry out a patch test before use to make sure that you are not allergic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar would not normally be top of anyone’s list for making things smell good.

However, ACV is slightly different and is often used with baking soda to cleanse and rejuvenate hair.

Using ACV as a rinse after washing can soften and add moisture to your hair.

Keeping your hair pH balanced and clean are two of the most important ways of making sure that your hair always smells good naturally.

Learn more about apple cider vinegar in this article.


If you are wondering how to make your hair smell good instantly, and do not have time to create a natural DIY remedy, then using your naturally made perfume is a good compromise.

These DIY perfumes are simple to make and can be easily sprayed on your hair whenever you need a boost of scent.


Just like rye flour, arrow root can be used as a dry shampoo to remove unwanted oils that may be making your hair smell.

It will also help to remove any dirt and debris from your hair that might be the cause of the bad scent.

If you have dark hair, try adding coffee grounds or cinnamon so that you do not end up with white residue throughout your locks.

Cinnamon also smells delicious, so it is a win-win situation!


Keeping your hair healthy and well-maintained will always be the key to having good-smelling hair.

Using a conditioning treatment once weekly will help your hair to be at its best and fully moisturized.

When your hair is full of moisture it is less likely to take in more moisture with bad smells, deep into the hair shaft.

Tomato Juice

Using tomato juice is a slightly unusual way of keeping your hair smell good!

It is well known for being able to balance scalp pH, as it helps to keep bacteria and fungal infections at bay – these can cause your hair to smell unpleasant.

If you are interested in trying this approach to keeping your hair smelling clean naturally, start by juicing a good number of tomatoes and massage them through your scalp and hair.

Leave this mixture on your hair for up to half an hour before washing it out.

Tomato juice can lighten your hair so remember this before trying this method!


Remember that if you ever wonder what can I spray on my hair to make it smell good, you can raid your drinks cabinet to help!

Vodka is great to spray in your hair and just leave. No rinsing is required!

One tablespoon in a bottle of water is all you need, then spray onto your hair and get on with your day.

Vodka is also said to improve hair growth, so it has multiple uses.

Milk Of Magnesia

This is another product that you would not necessarily immediately think of!

Use cotton wool balls soaked in milk of magnesia, then gently dab your scalp until you have thoroughly doused your scalp.

Once you have done this, leave it on your hair for an hour before washing it out.


If you want to keep your hair clean and smelling good naturally, then it is likely that you use your hairbrush on a regular basis.

It is therefore very important that you keep your hairbrush as clean as possible. Even though this is quite obvious, it is often overlooked.

A hairbrush removes oil and dirt from your hair.

If you do not clean it, all you are doing is putting back this dirt and oil the next time you put the brush through your hair. This can lead to excess oil and an irritated scalp.

Both of these things will lead to hair smelling unpleasant.

Rinsing your hairbrush with warm water after every use is a good idea, and/or washing your hairbrush when you wash your hair will also help combat bad smells.


Pillows take up scent and oils from your hair and skin every night that you sleep.

If you want to keep your hair smelling good, then make sure you change your pillowcases regularly and try to change your pillows every year.


Thyme and rosemary are brilliant not only for scalp health but also smell great.

Your hair can smell wonderful after using herb water as a rinse.

Each herb has its own individual other benefits too, so not only will your hair smell great, but your hair and scalp health can be improved at the same time.

Simply cut a few sprigs from your garden (or buy fresh) and pour over boiling water. Leave to steep for a few hours before using it as a rinse or as an instant spray.

You can keep this herb water in the fridge for a few days, so you can always be assured you can have good-smelling hair naturally and instantly.

Dry Hair

One trick to knowing how to make your hair smell good after washing it is not to tie up before your hair is completely dry.

Doing so can stop your hair drying and lead to a bad scent.


Whatever you put into your body will show in the health of your skin and hair.

Sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding strong-smelling foods can help your scalp and hair to smell better.


After reading this article you should now be aware of how to make your hair smell good naturally.

There are so many ways, from rinses to sprays and dry shampoos, that you are quite spoiled for choice!

Remember though that the health of your hair comes from within, and a healthy scalp.

Keeping a balanced pH will keep bacteria and oil at bay and help you have the hair you always dreamed of.

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