16 Pros And Cons Of No Poo

There are many Pros and Cons of a No Poo lifestyle.

The transition period is probably the most difficult stage and let’s be honest, this is a very off-putting stage for the majority of people attempting to change to a chemical-free, healthier way of managing their hair!

The pros after this stage, however, far outweigh the cons. This is because most individuals that make it past the transition period claim their hair is healthier, naturally manageable and far shinier, with a lustre not seen using traditional shampoos.

There are many pros and cons of a No Poo lifestyle. No Poo haircare is beneficial for the environment, your wallet and leaves your hair silky smooth. Many find transitioning to a No Poo haircare routine hard going though since the transition period will take between 2 weeks to 6 months of greasy dirty hair.

For those people who are thinking about how they can make a difference to the environment whilst at the same time improving their own health, the No Poo method can be quite inviting.

As with everything, there are Pros and Cons to making this lifestyle change. I’ve literally spent years trying to decipher the best No Poo haircare route for my own hair. Whilst there have been many pluses to the methods I encountered, I’ve also experienced many challenges of No Poo too! Keep reading to discover what I found …

Pros And Cons Of No Poo

As No Poo grows in popularity there seem to be more and more ways being shared online as to how to move to a No Poo hair regime.

This movement has many advocates, who have been more than happy to share their own No Poo tips and tricks in a bid to help others succeed too.

In fact, these successful No Poo’ers will often go the extra mile by telling newcomers exactly which natural products they use, and their reasons for doing so. Selfless acts like this are common in this hair movement since we are all united and focused on one goal: to have naturally clean and luscious hair, that is pristine, shiny, and in a healthy condition.

Thankfully going No Poo isn’t all about pot luck. Instead, there are many tried and tested methods upon which the No Poo movement is based.

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of No Poo, which should help you make an informed decision as to how you wish to start your natural hair care journey:


1. Natural Clean

No Poo uses natural products rather than traditional shampoos to cleanse and nourish our hair.

Honey, tea tree, aloe vera, and cleansing clay can all be used to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

2. Chemical Free

Truly No Poo recipes do not contain sulphates, parabens, or silicons, all of which are considered to be damaging not only to your hair and scalp but also to the environment.

These chemicals strip your hair of its natural oils and lead to an unhealthy scalp with dry, unmanageable hair. This is a vicious circle as you then use a manufactured product to try to restore your hair to its natural state.

3. Environmentally Friendly

No Poo means reducing your environmental impact by limiting the chemicals that are used, and those that are washed away into the sewer system.

Using natural, readily available products such as baking soda mean that fewer plastic bottles will be produced and therefore less plastic will find its way into our watercourses and oceans.

4. Manageable Shiny Hair

Many followers of the No Poo methods say that their hair is more manageable and shiny when using No Poo methods, especially those with curly hair.

Those with non-porous hair will often find that No Poo is beneficial as their hair is being nourished regularly rather than stripped by traditional shampoos on a daily basis.

5. Time Saving

When using the No Poo method you can save time as it’s not necessary to wash with traditional shampoo every single day.

Also, with fewer hair care products lining the bathroom shelves, giving your bathroom a quick once over has never been easier!

6. Money Saving

Traditional shampoos are expensive. No Poo only uses natural ingredients, and most of these are ones that you already have in your kitchen.

7. Less Hair Damage

Not only is using natural products better for your hair but reducing the reliance on hair straighteners and driers means your hair is not damaged by heat.

If you find yourself with dry or damaged hair then there are many natural products that can be used to restore your hair to its best natural state.

8. Control

Using a No Poo approach you are more in control of what ingredients are going onto your hair and scalp.

If your hair is feeling a little dry, then a honey wash may be the answer, if your scalp is scratchier than usual then an aloe vera rinse can be used.

The alternatives are endless, and with No Poo, making a change doesn’t leave you with an empty wallet and a barely used extra bottle in your bathroom. You just use as little or as much as you like.


1. Transition Period

This is probably the worst part of the No Poo journey.

Between stopping using traditional shampoos and your hair being fully transitioned and looking fabulous, there is a period of adjustment.

During this time it is likely that your hair will be more oily than usual and more prone to dandruff and a mild unusual scent.

2. Regime

It takes time to get used to going No Poo, and time to find the best combination of natural products that work for and with your hair.

Scritching and preening successfully can take time to master, and finding ways to prepare and use new recipes can be a challenge.

3. Cost

Whilst the products themselves are inexpensive and readily available, some people, especially in hard water areas, find that the only way to successfully No Poo is to install a water filter.

Whilst relatively inexpensive a Boar Bristle Brush is invaluable when going No Poo.

4. Dryness

Until your scalp has got used to your new regime and you have learnt how much to preen (bringing down oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair to nourish them), you may find that your hair becomes dry. This may also indicate that the you are using the wrong method for your hair. For example, you may be using too much baking soda when cleansing your hair and drying it out.

5. Dandruff

The change in products may lead to dandruff, or white flakes appearing as a result of not rinsing baking soda out of your hair properly.

It is always a good idea to do a skin test before using any new product, natural or manufactured, to ensure that you body does not react with contact dermatitis.

6. Oiliness

During the transition period especially, your scalp may produce too much oil. This is because it has been used to being regularly stripped of its protection by traditional shampoos.

Once your scalp has reached its optimum sebum production levels though, you will find that the oily stage ends and you have beautiful and nourished hair as a result.

7. Inconvenience

No Poo can be more difficult than traditional methods to continue with away from home.

If you forget your natural products it may be difficult to obtain similar ones, especially if in a different country.

It may also be more difficult to prepare your hair care products if you do not have your usual implements handy.

8. Time

Whilst on a daily basis No Poo can indeed save time, it does require the time for scritching and preening, for baking soda washes and apple cider vinegar rinses.

No Poo Method Results

Choosing to move to a No Poo hair washing approach has many benefits:

  • Fewer Chemicals
  • Fewer plastics to landfill
  • More money in your pocket
  • Healthier more nourished, and amazing hair.

The thing that you have to remember is that the transition phase can take some time and your hair may not look and feel at its best during this phase.

You should remember that transitioning is only a phase. Whether it takes 2 weeks or 2 months, or sometimes longer, eventually you’ll see the benefits of healthier and easier to manage hair.

Not having to shampoo every day will also save you time and effort.

Our scalps shed and produce sebum at different rates. There are numerous methods used in No Poo, and not everyone will suit your hair. Therefore, it may take some time to find the method that works best for you. From apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinsing and baking soda cleans, to water only methods, and using flours and other natural ingredients, all can be tried before reaching the ideal combination for your hair and scalp.

When transitioning to No Poo, patience, and perseverance during the transition phase are necessary for your journey to be successful.

Your results will depend upon:

  • How you transition
  • Your scalp
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your environment
  • Type of hair
  • How long it takes for you to find the right combination of natural ingredients to make the most out of your hair.

The important thing to remember is that whether it takes 2 weeks or 6 months, you’ll be over the moon at how your hair looks and feels as it pays you back for not covering it in chemicals on a daily basis.


There are pros and cons of No Poo, ranging from the con of the time it takes to make it through the transition phase, to the pro of seeing how much more healthy, shiny, and manageable your hair is once you have found your ultimate No Poo method.

It is your own personal choice as to how you start and continue your No Poo journey, but you do so knowing that your hair and the environment will thank you for ridding them of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals forever.

As with most things in life though, what works for one individual doesn’t work for another. In some cases, certain methods can even be disastrous for one person, and a blessing for another! Unfortunately I know this all too well as I once wrecked my hair when trying out a new No Poo haircare routine that my hair decided it didn’t just dislike, but instead hated!

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